Currently, online processes are essential for any kind of business. Ever for the professional, the online presence is significant as we can access the whole world with a small device called the smartphone.

Everything is in your smartphone

Just think about it even if you have a small electrical issue in your home or just to buy any groceries, all you just do is search for it on Google. So now if your business is not online then how could people know about you and your business? You would be left behind. so start growing your business online today.

Best web development company in Kolkata

Everreality is the top brand in Kolkata for web development with experience of almost 15 years. So you can easily make your business go online through our website.

Online grocery app and web development

Now many of you might think that as I have a grocery shop it doesn’t matter if my business goes online or not, as much as people live my business will be running smoothly.

But this is wrong as days go by people will start shopping online from the comfort of their homes and this becomes like an addiction to them. That is why Flipkart and Bigbusket are earning a lot more than you. If you are having orders from a certain part of Kolkata going online might bring you even more orders from all over India which gonna boost your earning a lot. Our company EVERREALITY ONLINE BUSINESS SOLUTION COMPANY provides you with the best quality dynamic company and responsive e-commerce website which will help you to go online and help boost your customer’s user experience.

Online cosmetics app and web development

If you have a cosmetics shop then why are you still not try going online ?? with EVERREALITY you can expand your business all over India. GLOWCART INDIA is to expand its business to India just by connecting with us, then why not you ??? then hurry up and contact us now.

Online food delivery website and app development

Let’s say someone has a restaurant. Now they are connected with companies like Swiggy and Zomato or maybe they are still doing their job offline. Those who are doing their business all by themself just imagine if you were getting orders of 100 plate a day now that just increased by 5 times just by going online. we added the delivery module to our service list which going to help you in delivery and order management. And Those who are still connected with Zomato and Swiggy we suggest you invest your money to make a website with us and try giving offers as all customers love offers and good deals, which will increase your profit and popularity to the next level.

EVERREALITY not only provides an international-level website but also provides a food delivery app, seller app, and delivery boy app. As we provide Google map integration in our websites your delivery boy will get a very pinpoint location of the customer and we also have vendor funenality.

Online apparel app and web development

Even if someone has a clothing shop he or she can also have a good quality dynamic responsive website from EVERREALITY that gonna boost him or her company to the next level as now your company can be accessed easily by anybody throughout INDIA.

Why has Reality become a monster among all other companies in Kolkata

Among the top 10 website companies, EVERREALITY is in the top position according to the URBANCLAP, as we don’t make websites just to make money from them but also to understand clients’ business to make the most optimal and suitable websites for them and we also do guild new entrepreneurs for the business.

Our journey started in year 2014, During this period we had almost 1600 clients with whom we worked, and through this whole journey, we came across a lot of experience and made our service design.


Maybe you do not believe my words in that case you can check our client’s websites in Kolkata

So that you can have an honest review from our clients. For that you can check our review section 

Why do you exactly need an e-commerce website for your business

Those who are reading this page assume they might be a businessman and going to be a businessman 

Shortly and hope that you guys have saved some money for your business. You may make a store or rent one for your business and might think the more my store looks good the more people will come to me but in the present time it is not enough for you to have only a store, it is time to upgrade your business to the online platform with EVERREALITY, one of the best e-commerce developer company with the experience of 14 years.

Why you should buy a website from EVERREALITY

As I said earlier, We not only sell websites but also help our customers in the long term so that we can make a good relationship between us. So that we, you can run our business more smoothly. Every customer is really important to us so as per their needs we make excellent websites for them.


In between 14 years after working with multiple companies and to catch the current race we added some features that make our website far better than other website-making companies in Kolkata 

There are some feature listed below,


Multivendor, using this you will be able to run websites like swiggy, Zomato, BigBasket, Amazon, etc


it is a very important feature of ours, it works something like if your clints wants to refund anything then the money will be refunded in their wallet which can be latter be used to buy other goods. In that case you don’t have to return the money back to the client but still the clint can use it just to buy your merchandise.

And you may give some offers in the wallet that may make the client happy at the same time and may encourage them to buy more from your site.


Nowadays everyone uses WhatsApp as a major social media app with our WhatsApp chat engine your client can easily contact you for any kind of help. 


As your business is located in Kolkata they might not know English but with our multilanguage support, anyone can use your website or app in their language. 


Our dashboard is so easy that a  person who uses Facebook or even a 14-year-old kid can use it very easily.


We know the importance of your precious time, so we don’t take months like other companies to make your website. We deliver our project in 14 days maximum and will make your website live as soon as possible.


EVERYREALITY is a company that provides 24/7 support. We try to resolve your problem within

48hours On the other hand we provide remort and call support. You can confirm my words by checking our reviews.


We EVERREALITY gives you a 1-month money-back guarantee. If our website does not satisfy you or match your requirements then you can claim your full money back. Which I claim no company can do.

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1. How much time does it take to deliver my website?

Ans: 14 days(maximum)

2. Is there any money-back guarantee?

Ans: Sure we give a 1-month money-back guarantee.

3. Are domain and hosting included with our package?

Ans: Yes those are included with the packages.

4. Is this a one-time service?

Ans: No. you have to renew it yearly.

5. I do not know anything about coding and websites. Am I able to handle these things?

Ans: yes you can as we made a very user-friendly UI so that even a kid can handle it.

6. how much money does it take to renew?

Ans: depends on your package.